"The way of JULCAR HERRAJES began in year 2000, when the combination of founders vision and its commercial department, results in a possible profitable new business line, as a result of the growth in the construction sector that is experiencing Spain at those moments.

The beginnings are hard. It is necessary to create a new brand in a very atomized sector, and create a coherent catalog of products to serve as starting point for the commercialization and future creation of the distribution network.

In the first years of the project's life, important investments were made in molds, catalogs, R & D, product trials, quality certifications, etc., until we were able to create our first catalog.

Once this hard process has begun, this initial seed has grown, the number of references has been increased, new products have been incorporated, and another ones have been eliminated, all of this as a result of adaptation to the market needs.

At same time, the position in the Spanish market has been consolidated and as a result of the concern that characterizes the company, the company has grown its presence in international markets, with assistance to international trading fairs and with distributors of our products in some of the main markets worldwide: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Cuba, etc are some of the countries where our products can be found.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us, we are still looking for distributors for our products, and customers who may demand the products directly because in their market we still not have a distributor.

We will be happy to assist you."

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